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And I Did it Without a Single Stick of Butter, Yaaawwwl!

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And I Did it Without a Single Stick of Butter, Yaaawwwl!

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For the last oh, five-ish(?) months Rhonda and I have been really adamant about cooking at home.  A stark contrast to our old lifestyle of, "What are we ordering in for dinner tonight, Honey?"  Beyond that we've been extremely aware of what we're putting in our bodies (for health reasons), which is forcing us to be less lazy about where we get our food.  We've fallen in love with farmer's market produce and grains.  It's amazing how different spinach straight from the farm tastes compared to spinach in a bag from the grocery store.  Not to mention, I feel so much better about handing my money to my hard working rural neighbors instead of a grocery chain.  I do try to buy local as much as I can and this is one very easy (and much healthier) way to do that.

Not only does this new lifestyle require that we get up off our butts on the weekends to hit the farmer's markets, but it also requires that we do something with all of those amazing farmer's market goods.  I've put in a lot of hours looking up recipes and nutrition info.  As an unexpected side effect I'm discovering that I genuinely enjoy preparing our meals most nights.  I'm having a lot of fun doing the research, coming up with ideas and experiments, executing them and finding out that these concoctions are really quite tasty.  And when all is said and done, I FEEL BETTER.  My body feels better for excluding everything processed from my diet, and my spirit feels better for the knowledge I'm gaining as well as the validation for rockin' out some seriously amazing dishes.  There's nothing better than putting in some effort, to receive floods of positive feedback.  And last night's concoction was no exception.  I sifted through about 20 different turkey loaf recipes to get an idea of what ingredients were staples and what ingredients were interchangeable.  Then I sat down and wrote out a recipe full of tastes that Rhonda and I love, being sure to include specific nutrients our bodies needed (I was in desperate need of a protein + iron kick last night).  And thus, the Turkey Spinach Roll/Loaf Thing was created.  

*Click the recipe for a larger, reader & printer friendly view.

OMG, you guys... it's SO GOOD.  I went nuts over every bite last night, and I just devoured it for my lunch today.



"Aaaaaawwww Yeeeeaaaahhh!"
  • Mmm...sad. No leftovers for dinner.
    • Oh, this dish is totally going in the "Hell yes we're making it again!" archives. ;)
  • I happen to know for a fact that T- REX did NOT eat spinach.

    That is all

    • T-Rex ate animals that ate spinach. If A = B and B = C, then A = C.

      The end.
    • if A is spinach and B is Triceratops and C is T-Rex -- then C ate A in B form, so he was just eating Triceratops rolls, perhaps a dipping sauce ... but I doubt he was a fan of spinach.

      By the way the ad at the side of my page is a T-Rex skeleton head ... and he says RAWR too ... i find this intriguing, how did you do that
      • Lindsey is made of magic. And unicorns. But mostly magic.
        • So by Lindsey's ABC thing ...are you saying that Lindsey ATE a UNICORN?!
          • Yep. That's where all the unicorns went: I ate them all. Consequently, I have tons of health problems... not so much to I shit rainbows and sunshine.
    • Well, if:

      Shouldn't we say that if A>B and B>C, then A>C?
  • i am sure that is yummy- but it looks like spinach & oatmeal or spinach and tuna. it also looks like you don't chew & that instead of sunshine & rainbows - your poo is probably florentine.

    • Heh, it's not as mushy as it looks. It's the exact consistency of a meatloaf (I highly suggest chewing it). =) And yeah, I guess minus the spinach it is pretty monochromatic.
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